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Nobel Laureate gives 2017 Herchel Smith lecture

Nobel Laureate Professor Tom Cech came to the Department of Chemistry on 16th October, to give the 2017 Herchel Smith Lecture: 'Shedding some Light on the Dark Matter of the Genomic Universe.

Anna Guinot Aguado, Maddie Mitchell and Connie Rich

Nurturing science’s next generation

Twelve years after his death, the legacy of distinguished organic chemist Dr Herchel Smith is enabling a new generation of bright young researchers to pursue their scientific ambitions.

Andrea Brand

"What I Know", Professor Andrea Brand

“The Philanthropist”, a University publication celebrating philanthropy at Cambridge, publishes an article on Herchel Smith Professor of Molecular Biology, Andrea Brand.

2012 Herchel Smith Celebration

On Wednesday 26th September the University held a drinks reception to celebrate the success of the Cambridge Herchel Smith community. The reception was attended by academics, fellows and students who have received Herchel Smith awards, along with Fund Managers, administrators and support staff who ensure the schemes work smoothly.

Herchel Smith Lab Opening

Herchel Smith Laboratory Opening

On 2nd July 2012 the Herchel Smith Laboratory was officially opened. Providing state-of-the-art facilities for interdisciplinary research in the Department of Chemistry, the Laboratory creates an environment for cutting-edge research. The opening ceremony was conducted after the Herchel Smith Inaugural lecture by Dr Sydney Brenner “Reading the Human Genome”.

Harvard 2012 Symposium

2012 Harvard-Cambridge Herchel Smith PhD Studentship Symposium

Cambridge Herchel Smith PhD Fund Managers and students visited their Harvard counterparts in Cambridge, Massachusetts on 20th-23rd July 2012 for the second of the biennial exchanges between PhD students supported on Dr Smith's bequest.


The Telegraph pays tribute to Herchel Smith

Herchel Smith’s contribution to the development of the contraceptive pill is listed in the Telegraph’s “60 Crowing Glories”, a salute to the 60 best-of-British achievements of the New Elizabethan age, published to commemorate the Queen’s Jubliee.

Stem cell casino

A shake of the dice and a nod from the neighbour – new facets of stem cell biology uncovered when methods in theoretical physics were used to solve a biological problem. Physicist Professor Ben Simons, newly appointed Herchel Smith Professor of Physics of Medicine, has spent the past two decades working with ultracold atomic gases and quantum chaos. But his research took a biomedical turn after a chance conversation with clinician and cancer researcher Dr Phil Jones, the results of which have shaken up long-held views about how stem cells behave and how tissues renew themselves.

Legacy of Talented Researchers

A legacy of talented researchers

As four of the first cohort of Herchel Smith Research Fellows selected for the postdoctoral programme near completion of their Fellowships, ready to move on to the next stage of their academic careers, we take a look at some of the research that Dr Smith’s legacy has enabled.

Stem Cells, credit Kim Jenson

Understanding how cancer cells grow

Ground-breaking research led by Fiona Watt, Herchel Smith Professor of Molecular Genetics, is investigating what role stem cells play in how cancer develops, spreads and relapses. Most tissues in the human body are maintained by stem cells – master builders and repairers that replenish different types of cells when needed. The unique properties of stem cells are of great interest to scientists investigating the possibility of regenerating and repairing human tissues. But stem cells have also come under close scrutiny in relation to cancer, since the ability to self-renew is a characteristic of tumours. Research into cancer stem cells is offering new insight into how cancer cells grow and how some tumours relapse even following powerful therapy. (Image: Stem Cells, Kim Jensen)

2010 Harvard-Cambridge Herchel Smith PhD Studentship Symposium

2010 Harvard-Cambridge Herchel Smith PhD Studentship Symposium

Harvard Herchel Smith PhD Fund Managers and students visited Cambridge on 8th-9th July 2010 for the first in a regular programme of exchanges between PhD students supported on Dr Smith's bequest.

2009 University Celebration of Herchel Smith’s bequest

On 15th December 2009 the University held the first celebration for the current Herchel Smith Community.